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Sarve jana sukhino bhavanthu

(May all live with joy & happiness)


Vasudha Foundation

Vasudha Foundation



Please visit our stall

CA 21 in BKC at CPhI Mumbai
from Nov 21 -23, 2016

Please visit our stall
CA 21 in BKC at CPhI Mumbai
from Nov 21 -23, 2016

Please visit our stall
CA 21 in BKC at CPhI Mumbai
from Nov 21 -23, 2016

Vasudha Foundation


This popular saying is the mother of VASUDHA FOUNDATION, a social service organization that is extending its helping hand both physically and financially to all the people of all the classes and all age groups those who are affected by the fury of the nature and due to their ill luck.

The mission of VASUDHA FOUNDATION is to stand beside and provide the deprived classes all they need in the hour of need, makes them a part of the growth of the nation and provide leadership and motivation along with financial assistance.

The mission is being carried out by its programmes :


Akshara (Vidya):
Programme designed to extend helping hand to poor students pursuing higher education like engineering, medicine, post graduate courses etc.


Programme designed to save the lives of the people affected by general diseases, heart diseases, cancer, kidney diseases, eye diseases etc.

Programme designed to address the problems faced by the senior citizens and taking care of them during their sacred phase of life (Vruddhapya ).

Programme designed to enable physically and mentally disabled people to face the challenges in life and join the growth of the nation.

Programme designed to stand forefront to extend helping hand to the people who are in crisis at the time of natural calamities and helping them to revert back to their normal life.


  • Distribution of school books to the poor students
  • Distribution of clothes to the weaker sections
  • Distribution of dresses and blankets to the old people
  • Distribution of food grains in the flood and drought effected areas
  • Distribution of medicines in the areas where epidemic outbreak is there.
  • Organizing medical camps in flood effected areas.
  • Organizing medical check up programmes periodically.

VASUDHA FOUNDATION strongly believes that sharing not only joys but also sorrows is one of the duties of the human being.

Sarve janah : sukhino bhavanthu
( May all live with joy and happiness )

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