(lor at' a deen)    
CAS Number : 79794-75-5
C O S Submission number : RO-CEP 2009-009-Rev 00
CHINA Registration Number : H200090337
USDMF Submission number : 20367
Specifications : EP/USP
Classicification : Anti-histamine


Chemical Formula:   C22H23Cl N2O2

Chemical Name

4-(8 Chloro–5,6-dihydro-11 H-benzo [5,6] cyclohepta (1-2-b) pyridine 11-ylidene)-1- piperidine carboxylic acid ethyl ester.



Anti - histamine (H1 receptor antagonist).


Base Patent

US 4282233 1981 Schering Plough

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